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Auspicious Dates for Hindu Marriage 2017: Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2017

Here is the list of best days for Hindu marriage in 2017. If you are search for the shubh vivah muhurat 2017 & right auspicious time dates for wedding in 2017 then it is the best place to get your marriage dates for upcoming year of 2017. Also you can check auspicious time for marriage. We have marked importanta dates with auspicious time for hindu marriage just choose. 

Check Below Things Before Going to Marriage
  • Auspicious Marriage Dates
  • Shubh Vivah Muhurat
  • Nakshatra For Marriage
  • Tithi For Marriage

Auspicious Marriage DatesShubh Vivah MuhuratNakshatraTithi For Marriage
15th January (Sunday)11:39 to 22:44MaghaChaturthi
16th January (Monday)23:18 to 31:14+Uttara PhalguniPanchami
17th January (Tuesday)07:14 to 12:04Uttara PhalguniPanchami
20th January (Friday)07:14 to 12:36SwatiAshtami
22nd January (Sunday)21:59 to 31:13+AnuradhaEkadashi
23rd January (Monday)07:13 to 13:57AnuradhaEkadashi
01st February (Wednesday)07:10 to 31:10+Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiPanchami, Shashthi
02nd February (Thursday)07:10 to 15:25RevatiShashthi
11th February (Saturday)14:51 to 22:24MaghaPratipada
13th February (Monday)08:59 to 16:44Uttara PhalguniTritiya
14th February (Tuesday)07:03 to 18:57Uttara Phalguni, HastaChaturthi
16th February (Thursday)19:03 to 31:01+SwatiShashthi
21st February (Tuesday)18:45 to 27:18+MulaEkadashi
23rd February (Thursday)22:04 to 30:30+Uttara AshadhaTrayodashi
28th February (Tuesday)06:53 to 30:52+Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiDwitiya, Tritiya
01st March (Wednesday)06:52 to 21:38RevatiTritiya, Chaturthi
04th March (Saturday)22:29 to 30:48+RohiniSaptami
05th March (Sunday)17:02 to 30:47+Rohini, MrigashirshaAshtami, Navami
06th March (Monday)06:47 to 19:42MrigashirshaNavami
10th March (Friday)23:01 to 30:43+MaghaChaturdashi
11th March (Saturday)06:43 to 17:07MaghaChaturdashi
13th March (Monday)26:16+ to 30:40+HastaDwitiya
17th April (Monday)12:47 to 19:33MulaShashthi
18th April (Tuesday)22:11 to 30:06+Uttara AshadhaSaptami, Ashtami
19th April (Wednesday)06:06 to 24:20+Uttara AshadhaAshtami
28th April (Friday)13:39 to 29:58+RohiniTritiya
04th May (Thursday)10:37 to 29:02+MaghaNavami, Dashami
06th May (Saturday)20:30 to 29:53+Uttara PhalguniDwadashi
07th May (Sunday)05:53 to 29:53+Uttara Phalguni, HastaDwadashi, Trayodashi
14th May (Sunday)10:17 to 26:08+MulaChaturthi
16th May (Tuesday)05:49 to 29:48+Uttara AshadhaPanchami, Shashthi
21st May (Sunday)16:41 to 29:46+Uttara BhadrapadaEkadashi
22nd May (Monday)05:46 to 26:51+Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiEkadashi, Dwadashi
26th May (Friday)11:15 to 29:45+Rohini, MrigashirshaPratipada, Dwitiya
27th May (Saturday)05:45 to 14:41MrigashirshaDwitiya
31st May (Wednesday)23:41 to 29:44+MaghaSaptami
02nd June (Friday)12:01 to 29:44+Uttara PhalguniNavami
03rd June (Saturday)05:44 to 21:32Uttara Phalguni, HastaNavami, Dashami
05th June (Monday)17:48 to 22:15SwatiDwadashi
07th June (Wednesday)23:19 to 29:44+AnuradhaChaturdashi
08th June (Thursday)05:44 to 16:16AnuradhaChaturdashi
10th June (Saturday)11:55 to 29:44+MulaPratipada, Dwitiya
17th June (Saturday)18:48 to 29:45+Uttara BhadrapadaAshtami, Navami
18th June (Sunday)05:45 to 29:45+Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiNavami, Dashami
19th June (Monday)05:45 to 11:42RevatiDashami
28th June (Wednesday)05:47 to 19:17MaghaPanchami
30th June (Friday)05:54 to 18:00Uttara PhalguniSaptami
02nd July (Sunday)24:00+ to 29:49+SwatiDashami
11th November (Saturday)17:41 to 25:38+MaghaNavami
13th November (Monday)22:48 to 30:43+Uttara PhalguniEkadashi
14th November (Tuesday)06:43 to 30:44+Uttara Phalguni, HastaEkadashi, Dwadashi
15th November (Wednesday)06:44 to 13:46HastaDwadashi
21st November (Tuesday)07:34 to 23:26MulaTritiya
23rd November (Thursday)25:24+ to 30:50+Uttara AshadhaPanchami, Shashthi

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