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Akshaya Tritiya 2017: Shubh Muhurats & Auspicious Time to Buy Gold

In 2017, Akshaya Tritiya is coming on 28th April 2017, Friday. It will end on 29th April Saturday. The day is always good to buy gold. Gold is a symbol of power and wealth that is why on Akshaya Tritiya people buy gold. They do Gold Puja on Akshaya Tritiya day. People generaly buy Gold, Gold Jewellery on which they do puja vidhis. This day Akshaya Tritiya is a day blessed by Lord Vishnu. Goddess Lakshami gives blessings on this day to the people who do pujas.

Why people Buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya?
Buying Gold is important for Hindus who believes in God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. As the name LakshamiNarayana, a combination of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshami. People generally buy gold on this day and do puja vidhis of Gold or Jewellery with Goddess Lakshami. The worship of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshami gives more wealth in coming days.

Muhurats, Choghadiya & Auspicious Time to Buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya 2017:
The best time to buy Gold is on the Akshaya Tritiya 2017 day are given below. Not only buying gold is good but do puja and vidhis of the same will give blessings from LakshmiNarayan. They will give you good health and wealth. The demand of gold will be high on this day. As Akshaya Tritiya 2017 is nearby the Gold Prices are around 29K the demand will be high. To buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya day is a tradition and people will follow the same on Akshaya Tritiya 2017 day as well.

Shubh Muhurat & Timings to Buy Gold on Akshaya Tritiya

Date: April 28, 2017 (Friday) - 10:29 to 29:58+

Auspicious Choghadiya Timings between 10:29 to 29:58+
Morning Muhurta (Char, Labh, Amrit) = 10:29 - 10:48
Afternoon Muhurta (Shubh) = 12:25 - 14:01
Afternoon Muhurta (Char) = 17:13 - 18:49
Night Muhurta (Labh) = 21:37 - 23:00
Night Muhurta (Shubh, Amrit, Char) = 24:24+ - 28:35+

Date: April 29, 2017 (Saturday) - 05:58 to 06:55

Auspicious Choghadiya timings between 05:58 to 06:55

No Muhurat Available

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