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2017 Parashurama Jayanti: Date, Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi & Timings

As per the Hindu calendar Parashurama Jayanti is celebrated as birth anniversary of Lord Parashurama Jayanti. He is called sixth incarnation of Lord Sri Hari Vishnu. This year this festival is coming on 28th April, 2017, Friday and this day also have Akshaya Tritiya 2017 for best to buy Gold and start do anything. Parashurama Jayanti is comes Tritiya of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Vaishakh. Lord Parashurma came in the earth to destroy people's problem and remove all kinds of evil. Western part of Indian Parashurama Jayanti is celebrated on 28th April, 2017 while another part of the states are celebrated on 29th April, 2017. People are doing fasting for full day and do ritual puja vidhi. Parashurama Jayanti day is considered is as Golden era of the Hindu culture. Here get the all information and details on 2017 Parashurama Jayanti: Date, shubh muhurat, choghaduya & panchang, puja vidhi & shubh timings. As per the old ritual The Lord Parashurama is still live on the Earth and is not worshipped.

When is Parashurama Jayanti in 2017
  • The date of Parashurama Jayanti is on 28th April, 2017, Friday and some part, its celebrating on 29th April, 2017, Saturday. 

Shubh Muhurat on Parashurama Jayanti 
  • Tritiya Tithi Begins = 10:29 on 28/Apr/2017
  • Tritiya Tithi Ends = 06:55 on 29/Apr/2017

Shubh Timings On Parashurama Jayanti
  • Sunrise: 28-Apr-2017 05:59 AM
  • Sunset: 28-Apr-2017 18:49 PM
  • Tithi Begins: 28-Apr-2017 10:29 AM
  • Tithi Ends: 29-Apr-2017 06:55 AM

Lord Parashurama BirthPlace, Father & Mother
  • Birth Place:  Mahendragiri, Odisha (Shukla Prksha - Vaisakha Month Of April-May) 
  • Father: Sage Jamadagni 
  • Mother: Renuka

Parashurama Jayanti Puja Vidhi & Timings
  • You can do puja vidhi same like doing on other festivals.
  • Take bath early morning and wear new clothes to perfrom Lord Parashurama puja ceremony.
  • Put Vishnu’s idol and offer sweets, flowers, kumkum and chandan.
  • Tulsi leaves is very important for this festival.
  • Speak bhajan, mantra & chant for Vishnu’s sixth avatar Lord Parashurama
  • Visit nearest Temple of Lord vishnu.
  • If you have fast tane take only fruits OR milk products.

Parashurama Jayanti Mantra
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