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Marathi Vivah Muhurat Calendar 2022 | Marathi Shadi Muhurat | Shubh Marriage Dates 2022

This year, in 2022, only 69 days of shubh muhurtas are available for marriage in Marathi communities. At the same time, the first muhurat of the year was on 14 January. After this, Jupiter and Venus will not be able to get married in the early months of the year. Because after Makar Sankranti, from 20 January to 16 February, Dev Guru Jupiter were set.

Marathi shubh vivah muhurat in 2022 is going to start from the month of January. According to the Almanac, Venus is at the moment. When the Venus star is set, the marriage program is banned. Guru and Venus have an important role in matters related to marriage. The Guru planets have risen but Venus is dead. In such a situation, marriages will not be possible unless Venus rises.

This year, the first Marathi auspicious time or shubh marathi marriage date will be on February as per Kalnirnay marathi calendar 2022. After this the phase of marathi weddings will begin, but on Feb total 12, the best shubh shadi muhurat for marathi, For May, it will be in Aruj Muhurat on Akshaya Tritiya on 3 May. Akshay III will remain as a Siddha Muhurta himself. At the same time, on July 4, there is also an Abuja Muhurta on Bhadli Navami. Not only this, Tulsi Ekadashi or Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi will also be marathi auspicious date for marriage on November 5. According to Marathi religious belief, Manglik is not performed in Kharmas. According to the Marathi Panchang 2022, the most auspicious date or shubh vivah muhurat of marriage this year is July and August for 15 days each. At the same time, the lowest marathi shadi Muhurta is five days in April. Let's know the Marathi marriage dates in 2022.

Know which day is falling in 2022, in which month, a good time check here in Marathi vivah muhurat calendar 2022.

This is Matathi Vivah Muhurat (marriage or wedding) dates 2022 for Maharashtra to Marathi people. For other parts in India, you can check my post of Hindu Vivah Muhurat 2022

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Marathi Vivah Muhurat Calendar 2022 | Marathi Shadi Muhurat | Shubh Marriage Dates 2022

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in January 2022

January14 January 2022Friday
January15 January 2022Saturday
January20 January 2022Thursday
January22 January 2022Saturday
January23 January 2022Sunday
January24 January 2022Monday
January26 January 2022Wednesday
January27 January 2022Thursday
January29 January 2022Saturday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in February 2022

February4 February 2022Friday
February5 February 2022Saturday
February6 February 2022Sunday
February9 February 2022Wednesday
February10 February 2022Thursday
February11 February 2022Friday
February12 February 2022Saturday
February13 February 2022Sunday
February14 February 2022Monday
February16 February 2022Wednesday
February18 February 2022Friday
February19 February 2022Saturday
March20 February 2022Sunday
February22 February 2022Tuesday
February25 February 2022Friday
February27 February 2022Sunday
February28 February 2022Monday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in March 2022

March4 March 2022Friday
March5 March 2022Saturday
March10 March 2022Thursday
March19 March 2022Saturday
March20 March 2022Sunday
March25 March 2022Friday
March26 March 2022Saturday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in April 2022 (Marathi Shubh Marriage Dates in 2022)

April14 April 2022Thursday
April15 April 2022Friday
April17 April 2022Sunday
April18 April 2022Monday
April19 April 2022Tuesday
April20 April 2022Wednesday
April21 April 2022Thursday
April22 April 2022Friday
April27 April 2022Wednesday
April28 April 2022Thursday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in May 2022

May2 May 2022Monday
May3 May 2022Tuesday
May9 May 2022Monday
May10 May 2022Tuesday
May12 May 2022Thursday
May13 May 2022Friday
May15 May 2022Sunday
May17 May 2022Tuesday
May18 May 2022Wednesday
May19 May 2022Thursday
May20 May 2022Friday
May25 May 2022Wednesday
May26 May 2022Thursday
May27 May 2022Friday
May31 May 2022Tuesday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in June 2022 (Marathi Shubh Marriage Dates in 2022)

June1 June 2022Wednesday
June5 June 2022Sunday
June6 June 2022Monday
June8 June 2022Wednesday
June9 June 2022Thursday
June10 June 2022Friday
June11 June 2022Saturday
June12 June 2022Sunday
June13 June 2022Monday
June14 June 2022Tuesday
June15 June 2022Wednesday
June16 June 2022Thursday
June17 June 2022Friday
June21 June 2022Tuesday
June22 June 2022Wednesday
June23 June 2022Thursday
June26 June 2022Sunday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in July 2022

July4 July 2022Monday
July5 July 2022Tuesday
July6 July 2022Wednesday
July7 July 2022Thursday
July8 July 2022Friday
July9 July 2022Saturday
July10 July 2022Sunday
July11 July 2022Monday
July12 July 2022Tuesday
July14 July 2022Thursday
July19 July 2022Tuesday
July20 July 2022Wednesday
July21 July 2022Thursday
July23 July 2022Saturday
July24 July 2022Sunday
July25 July 2022Monday
July30 July 2022Saturday
July31 July 2022Sunday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in August 2022 (Marathi Shubh Marriage Dates in 2022)

August1 August 2022Monday
August3 August 2022Wednesday
August4 August 2022Thursday
August5 August 2022Friday
August8 August 2022Monday
August9 August 2022Tuesday
August10 August 2022Wednesday
August11 August 2022Thursday
August14 August 2022Sunday
August19 August 2022Friday
August20 August 2022Saturday
August21 August 2022Sunday
August29 August 2022Monday
August30 August 2022Tuesday
August31 August 2022Wednesday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in September 2022

September1 September 2022Thursday
September4 September 2022Sunday
September5 September 2022Monday
September6 September 2022Tuesday
September7 September 2022Wednesday
September8 September 2022Thursday
September26 September 2022Monday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in October 2022 (Marathi Shubh Marriage Dates in 2022)

There is no auspicious muhurat or time in the month of October 2022

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in November 2022

November4 November 2022Friday
November19 November 2022Saturday
November20 November 2022Sunday
November21 November 2022Monday
November25 November 2022Friday
November26 November 2022Saturday
November27 November 2022Sunday
November28 November 2022Monday
November29 November 2022Tuesday

Marathi Shubh Vivah and Shadi Muhurat in December 2022 (Marathi Shubh Marriage Dates in 2022)

December1 December 2022Thursday
December2 December 2022Friday
December4 December 2022Sunday
December7 December 2022Wednesday
December8 December 2022Thursday
December14 December 2022Wednesday

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