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Mahakaleshwar Live Darshan Today - Ujjain Mahakal Bhasm Aarti Booking Online, Timings

A limited number of devotees were allowed to visit the Mahakal temple in Ujjain due to the Corona period. Only 25 thousand devotees were given admission here. It is the only jyotirling, which is south facing. This is the only Jyotirlinga where Bhasm Aarti takes place.

Mahakaleshwar also has a reputation among the twelve Jyotirlingas of India. Somnath in Saurashtra, Mallikarjuna on Srisail, Mahakal in Ujjain, Bhimshankar in Dakini, Parli in Vaidyanath, Mamaleshwar in Omkar, Rameshwar on Setubandh, Nagesh in Darukavan, Vishwanath in Varanasi, Aimbak on the banks of Gomti, Kedar on Himalayas and Shishteshwar in Shivalaya. Ancient currencies are also obtained in Mahakal.

Worship of this Jyotirling of Mahakal has been practiced since time immemorial and continues till today. In the Puranas, the glory of Mahakal is discussed repeatedly.

Not only Ujjain, the temple of Shri Mahakaleshwar holds its special place among the major devsthans of India. Lord Mahakala is also the presiding deity of the period. According to the Puranas, he is the Bhootnabhaya Mrityunjaya, Sanatan Devadhidev. Check out here live dharshan and aarti of Mahakaleshwar jyotirling today from Ujjain.

Live Darshan and Bhasmarti Click Here

Mahakaleshwar Live Darshan Online Today

Mahakaleshwar (Mahakal) - Ujjain Bhasm Aarti Booking Online Details

According to official information, Mahakaleshwar online booking can be done on Mahakaleshwar temple website and toll free number. Online booking will open from 15th March. 2021. Visitors will have to come to the Mahakal temple premises only after registration at the time prescribed by online booking. Where the mobile number and registration are verified, the visitors will be given admission to visit the temple. In any case, admission of visitors will not be possible without prior registration or pre booking.

Temple Prabandhan has decided that devotees will have to do online booking to join it. No one will get an entry in it in an unauthorized manner. Devotees who reach by 10:15 pm will be allowed to attend it.

But this time the number of visitors has been limited in view of the circumstances arising out of covid 19. He has urged the visitors and local devotees from all over the country to come only after pre booking.  

Mahakaleshwar Live Darshan Today - Ujjain Mahakal Bhasm Aarti Booking Online, Timings

How to Book Bhasm Aarti Online for Mahakaleshwar OR Bhasmarti Online Booking Procedure

To join Bhasm Aarti, you can book online from a month in advance. For this, you must first visit the website Here you will also be able to have a live darshan of Mahakaleshwar temple, as well as booking for Bhasma Aarti.

Step #1: Click HERE or go to the website of

Step #2: Click on Bhasma Aarti booking link of

Step #3: Click on the date which you want to visit temple.

Step #4: Enter the your name, mobile number, email ID and resident address after that please upload your scanned photo and identity proof. Dont forget to select photo ID proof which you are submitting and enter the photo ID number.

Step #5: Submit the other devotees details with uploading their scanned photo and proof of Identity.

Ujjain Mahakal Bhasm Aarti Bookimg Price

Due to the end of the system of instant booking, people who have to visit Lord Mahakal without booking, they will have to buy a quick darshan ticket of Rs 250. Right now, devotees coming from outside were getting darshan of God for just 100 rupees. 150 / - per person will have to be paid more after the previous system is implemented.

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling Aarti Timing 

  • Temple opens and closes from: 4:00 AM to11:00 PM
  • Bhasma Aarti: 4:00 - 6:00 AM
  • Naivedya Aarti: 7:30 - 8:15AM (In summer, 7:00 - 7:45AM)
  • Sandhya Aarti: 6:30 - 7:00 PM (In Summer, 7:-00 - 7:30 PM)
  • Shayan Aarti 10:30 PM

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