Shubh Muhurat Today : Aaj Ka Choghadiya Table for Din and Raat Online

Choghadiya is the one type of Vedic calendar. According to Hindu religion, it is best to start any auspicious work or journey. We need to check Choghadiya Muhurat today. It has always been a custom and culture to see the auspicious time before doing any auspicious work. In our Hindu culture, we are following the ritual like a pandit is showing a Muhurat because the work will be done in the shubh time and we don't face any hurdles.

Every day auspicious and inauspicious times come. If we get information about the Aak ka choghadiya 2022 (आज का चौघड़िया) in advance so that we can make full use of the auspicious time and do not start any important things, new work in inauspicious time, take some care at that time. There are seven phases or periods of Choghadiya Muhurat. In this, Amrit, Shubh, Labh and Char are considered auspicious. And the remaining three periods of Rog, Kaal and Udveg are considered useless. It is considered auspicious and best to start auspicious work in the first four periods of Choghadiya.

Choghadiya is used for observing special Muhurat. To start a new work Or Choghadiya is also used to start a distant journey. Due to the many Muhurtas of Choghadiya and its characteristics, it is also used for other works.Shubh choghadiya or Shubh Muhurat means that time in which planets and constellations are good and fruitful for us. We got good results from the work done during that time. Therefore, according to the auspicious time (चौघड़िया शुभ मुहूर्त), any new work is done.

There are two types of Choghadiya Muhurta in Hinduism. Day Choghadiya (दिन का चौघड़िया 2022) and night Choghadiya (रात का चौघड़िया). If the time is between sunrise and sunset so it is called day Choghadiya, OR time is between from sunset to the next sunrise it is called night Choghadiya.

There are many shubh and ashubh times every day between the full eight prahars. In such a situation, if you have some important work, then there is a law to see shubh Choghadiya Muhurat for that. Here We are going to provide you with the information of Day and Night Choghadiya below, so that you can find out which time is auspicious and which time is inauspicious.

People from all around the world search shubh, amrit and labh choghadiya for buying new things, auspicious work, muhurats or any kind of new work to do some rituals. Most Hidu communities like Gujaratis are using choghadiya to find the auspicious time so that you can get the auspicious timing before starting any new work. Here you can check out the आज का चौघड़िया - Aaj ka choghadiya muhurat today for January 2022 along with din ka and raat ka choghadiya.

Shubh Choghadiya and Muhurat Today (Aaj, Din and Raat Ka Choghadiya)

You can check here the daily choghadiya and shubh muhurat online which are showing an aaj ka, din ka and raat ka choghadiya information. We are updating this information on daily basis, you stay connected with us for regular updates.

27 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Din Ka Choghadiya Today

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Shubha - Good07:14 am08:38 am
Roga - Evil08:38 am10:02 am
Udvega - Bad10:02 am11:26 am
Chara - Neutral11:26 am12:51 pm
Labha - Gain12:51 pm02:15 pm
Amrita - Best02:15 pm03:39 pm
Kala - Loss03:39 pm05:03 pm
Shubha - Good05:03 pm06:28 pm

27 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Raat Ka Choghadiya Today

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Amrita - Best06:28 pm08:03 pm
Chara - Neutral08:03 pm09:39 pm
Roga - Evil09:39 pm11:14 pm
Kala - Loss11:14 pm12:50 am
Labha - Gain12:50 am02:26 am
Udvega - Bad02:26 am04:01 am
Shubha - Good04:01 am05:37 am
Amrita - Best05:37 am07:12 am

28 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Din Ka Choghadiya Tomorrow

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Chara - Neutral07:13 am08:37 am
Labha - Gain08:37 am10:02 am
Amrita - Best10:02 am11:26 am
Kala - Loss11:26 am12:51 pm
Shubha - Good12:51 pm02:15 pm
Roga - Evil02:15 pm03:40 pm
Udvega - Bad03:40 pm05:04 pm
Chara - Neutral05:04 pm06:29 pm

28 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Raat Ka Choghadiya Tomorrow

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Roga - Evil06:29 pm08:04 pm
Kala - Loss08:04 pm09:40 pm
Labha - Gain09:40 pm11:15 pm
Udvega - Bad11:15 pm12:51 am
Shubha - Good12:51 am02:26 am
Amrita - Best02:26 am04:02 am
Chara - Neutral04:02 am05:37 am
Roga - Evil05:37 am07:13 am

29 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Din Ka Choghadiya 

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Kala - Loss07:13 am08:37 am
Shubha - Good08:37 am10:02 am
Roga - Evil10:02 am11:26 am
Udvega - Bad11:26 am12:51 pm
Chara - Neutral12:51 pm02:15 pm
Labha - Gain02:15 pm03:40 pm
Amrita - Best03:40 pm05:04 pm
Kala - Loss05:04 pm06:29 pm

29 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Raat Ka Choghadiya 

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Labha - Gain06:29 pm08:04 pm
Udvega - Bad08:04 pm09:40 pm
Shubha - Good09:40 pm11:15 pm
Amrita - Best11:15 pm12:51 am
Chara - Neutral12:51 am02:26 am
Roga - Evil02:26 am04:02 am
Kala - Loss04:02 am05:37 am
Labha - Gain05:37 am07:13 am

30 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Din Ka Choghadiya 

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Udvega - Bad07:13 am08:37 am
Chara - Neutral08:37 am10:02 am
Labha - Gain10:02 am11:26 am
Amrita - Best11:26 am12:51 pm
Kala - Loss12:51 pm02:16 pm
Shubha - Good02:16 pm03:40 pm
Roga - Evil03:40 pm05:05 pm
Udvega - Bad05:05 pm06:29 pm

30 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Raat Ka Choghadiya

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Shubha - Good06:30 pm08:05 pm
Amrita - Best08:05 pm09:40 pm
Chara - Neutral09:40 pm11:16 pm
Roga - Evil11:16 pm12:51 am
Kala - Loss12:51 am02:26 am
Labha - Gain02:26 am04:02 am
Udvega - Bad04:02 am05:37 am
Shubha - Good05:37 am07:12 am

31 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Din Ka Choghadiya 

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Amrita - Best07:13 am08:37 am
Kala - Loss08:37 am10:02 am
Shubha - Good10:02 am11:26 am
Roga - Evil11:26 am12:51 pm
Udvega - Bad12:51 pm02:16 pm
Chara - Neutral02:16 pm03:40 pm
Labha - Gain03:40 pm05:05 pm
Amrita - Best05:05 pm06:29 pm

31 January, 2022 : Shubh Muhurat and Raat Ka Choghadiya 

Day Choghadiya Start Time End Time
Chara - Neutral06:30 pm08:05 pm
Roga - Evil08:05 pm09:40 pm
Kala - Loss09:40 pm11:15 pm
Labha - Gain11:15 pm12:51 am
Udvega - Bad12:51 am02:26 am
Shubha - Good02:26 am04:01 am
Amrita - Best04:01 am05:36 am
Chara - Neutral05:36 am07:12 am

Day Choghadiya Table
Day Choghadiya

Night Choghadiya Table
Night Choghadiya

Meaning of Choghadiya (चौघड़िया का अर्थ)

Udveg Choghadiya (उदवेग चौघड़िया)
This Udveg Choghadiya is the first inauspicious or अशुभ Muhurat which is considered good for government functions.

Labh Choghadiya (लाभ चौघड़िया)
This Labh is the second Choghadiya which is considered good and gives more benefits for new work, travel, religious work, business or educational related work.

Char Choghadiya(चर चौघड़िया)
It is the third Choghadiya considered the same good. It is also called medium choghadiya and during this period you can do new work, Religious work and can travel as well.

Rog Choghadiya (रोग चौघड़िया)
It is the 4th Choghadiya considered. Never day auspicious work during this rog choghadiya. This is good and recommended for victory over war and defeating the enemy.

Shubh Choghadiya (शुभ चौघड़िया)
Shubh Choghadiya is one kind of the best auspicious time to do marriage, new home, mundan, Puja, buying new things, Yagya and other religious activities. It is called as Jupiter which is considered a benefic planet.

Kaal Choghadiya (काल चौघड़िया)
Kaal is very inauspicious Choghadiya. It is ruled by the planet Saturn (malefic planet). No auspicious work will be done during the period. However Kaal Choghadiya is right and best for earning money.

Amrit Choghadiya (अमृत चौघड़िया)
Amrit Choghadiya muhurat is a very good and best time because the moon is considered a benefic planet. This Choghadiya is considered good and auspicious for all kinds of work.

Choghadiya and Muhurat FAQs

What is Choghadiya?

Choghadiya is a form of Vedic almanac. When no Muhurta is coming out and you have to start some work or go on a journey, then it is best to work or travel by seeing the Choghadiya Muhurat.

What are the different types of Choghadiya Muhurat?

There are totally seven types of Choghdiya like Amrit, Shubh, Labh Choghadiya, Char Choghadiya and Udveg, Kaal, Rog Choghadiya.

How do I get aaj ka choghadiya?

Here you can get all details related to din ka choghadiya, day or night choghadiya.

What is the difference between Muhurta and Choghadiya

Muhurat is used to start the work in the particular time frame of that day while Choghadiya is used to see what is an Auspicious or In-Auspicious time of the day.

Which is Auspicious and Inauspicious Choghadiya?

Shubha, Labha and Amruta are the Auspicious Choghadiya while Roga, Kala, Udvega are the Inauspicious Choghadiya. Chara is a neutral Choghadiya

How many types of Choghadiya are there?

There are 7 types of Choghadiya in that 3 are auspicious, 3 are inauspicious and 1 neutral choghadiya. The names of the choghadiya are Shubha, Labha, Amruta, Roga, Kala, Udvega and Chara.

How to see Choghadiya Muhurat for day and night?

It's simple just log on to our portal and check the day and night choghadiya for your reference.

Which is Shubh Choghadiya?

Shubha, Labha and Amruta are the Shubh Choghadiya to start a work.

What are Day Choghadiya (दिन का चौघड़िया) ?

The Choghadiya that start from the daylight starts to the end of the day light called Day Choghadiya.

What are Night Choghadiya (रात का चौघड़िया)?

The Choghadiya that start after the end of day light are called Night Choghadiya.

Which are the good Choghadiya?

Shubha, Labha and Amruta are the Good Choghadiya to start a work even Chara is a neutral but we can consider it as a good choghadiya.

Which Choghadiyas are inauspicious (अशुभ)?

Roga, Kala and Udvega are inauspicious (अशुभ) choghadiya.

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